Monday, June 2, 2014

Heston's Blessing Day

Yesterday we blessed Heston and it truly was a wonderful day. Jade did a wonderful job on the blessing and Heston was such a great baby all day. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful support from our family. Overall it was just a great day. Love my little family and the wonderful addition Heston has been.

I know there is a bad shadow in this picture but I just love it! My hansom boys!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Huntsman Reunion

This past weekend the Huntsman family got together for their annual memorial camping trip. It was such a great weekend and for the first time in 6 years (since I joined the family) the weather was nice the whole time! It is a little different having two kids camping instead of one but Heston was such a good baby. Hallie just loved playing with her cousins and getting dirty. We rode four-wheelers, shot 22's and clay pigeons, Janie, Chase, Hallie, Jade and I hiked to a cave, Heston had his first fishing experience :), and we just loved sitting around the fire each night with the family. It truly is the best to just get away from technology, work, and responsibilities :) just for a weekend.
 A few pictures from our fun filled weekend....
Jade and Hallie hiking to the cave

Chase and Janie

Hallie's own little cave

Hallie's first hike

Heston's first time fishing  :)

Heston and I

Cooper watching the fish

Chad Fly Fishing

Grandpa and Hallie

Birch Creek

Cole and Cassie

Hallie LOVED the dirt!

Hanging out with Grandma

Fun times

Last Day

Best picture I had of the whole gang my stance is awesome!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hip Dysplasia

At Shriners before the Brace
       I took Heston in last week for his second Hip Dysplasia appointment at Shriners to let me know if he will need the brace or not. I was really hoping that he would be just fine without it. I just loved the time I have had to cuddle him without the Velcro in the way. Unfortunately, we didn't get so lucky. Our wonderful Doctor informed us that although the angle of his hips are where they should be his hip bone is not seated into the socket well enough. The odds of having two with Hip Dysplasia is pretty rare and boys are less likely to get it as well. But we beat the odds ha ha no it's ok I would rather take care of it now then when they are older. The cast they wear later is horrible it is a hard cast from their legs to their torso with a bar that keeps their legs apart so they can't walk. I cannot even imagine trying to do one of those right now on my highly active Hallie.
    As of right now he wears a brace 24/7 and we will go back on April 22 to see if he has progressed enough that he can just wear the brace at night. We are lucky though his Hip Dysplasia is not as bad as Hallie's and he will not wear the brace as long as she did, which was about 6 months.
   Just a little about Hip Dyplasia I really think it is something all parents should know about especially those who have a baby born breach. As both of mine were. It is also hereditary and is linked to Torticollis. My older sister had Torticollis and a more simple definition then later stated is when a muscle on one side of your neck grows shorter then the other and you are unable to turn your neck fully. They should always check your baby for this when they are checking the hips. Not all doctors check for Hip Dysplasia either. We had to ask our pediatrician to check him and the doctor found a little "pop" they call it on both sides of his hips. If you have any other questions or anything I would love to answer them. It is definitely something that is better caught sooner then later.
Hallie in her Brace
 Torticollis- is a dystonic condition defined by an abnormal, asymmetrical head or neck position, which may be due to a variety of causes.
Hip Dysplasia- is a congenital or acquired deformation or misalignment of the hip joint.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Heston Jim Huntsman

 Hallie and I had some fun taking these pictures the night before I was scheduled to have my c-section. Our last day of being a family of three! Baby boy decided to not come early which in the end was the best thing he could have done. Any earlier then my scheduled date of February 25th could have made things worse.
Brittney was Dr. Isbell's Surgical Tech during my surgery.
Jade getting ready to join me in the OR.
Surgery Prep the IV was the worse part
Finally holding hum for the first time in the NICU
Heston right after delivery struggling to breath due to fluids in his lungs.

His first two days of life one of the hardest things I have ever been through.

Day three finally he was able to leave the NICU!
Family of four finally together for the first time. Hallie just loved him!
Hallie having a good time at the hospital :)
Truly Blessed to be able to take him home with us on the forth day.

    Heston Jim Huntsman was born February 25th, scheduled c-section, at 8:01 weighing 7'3oz. 20 inches long. It turned out to be a good thing he was delivered c-section because my little guy was breach just like Hallie was. What a roller coaster ride this delivery was for Jade and I. After he was born they took him into another room and honestly I didn't see him again for hours. There was no skin on skin bonding time, trying to nursing him in the first hour, nothing. Before I was even able to figure out how long he was, which I didn't find out till the third day, he was hauled off to the NICU due to fluid in his lungs and he was not getting the oxygen he needed. How blessed I felt for having my baby at EIRMC where they have a wonderful NICU to take care of my newborn. It was also comforting to have a Father-n-Law who is an Enfamil Rep with great connections to the Doctors in the NICU.
     Jade spent most of his time running back and forth from the NICU to my room informing me of what was going on. One minute he was doing better then the next he wasn't eating, then the pediatrician informed us that he had Hip Dysplasia (which is what Hallie was diagnosed with after she was born) so they placed him in a brace right away. Best part was when Jade had to show the doctors how to put the brace on the poor baby. Like all the wiring hooked up to him wasn't enough.     
      Anyway, I didn't get to spend much time with him the first two days. The second day he did better on his breathing but then he wouldn't eat so Jade and I fed him through a feeding tube. At this point Jade and I decided that we would get up every three hours through the night and I would feed and cuddle him as much as possible. What a blessing that was to us. He truly ate better every time we went down and by 11:00am the next day he was in our room. I was so worried we would have to go home without him. After looking around the NICU at all the babies that were there I truly felt blessed that things were not worse and he truly had the least amount of problems of all the babies there. My heart just goes out to those who have experience similar or worse situations. 
     You can learn so much about a husband in this circumstance as well :) I feel so extremely blessed to have the loving, caring husband that I do who pushed me around in a wheelchair for three days to see my baby boy. He rarely left my side. Things have been wonderful since we arrived home. He has been such a good baby for us and Hallie just loves him. She will not hold him ever but she gets upset if he is not in the room we are in and she will kiss on him all day. Becoming a mother of two has blessed my life so much. I truly love my life and have never wondered what my role is and that is to be the best wife and mother I can be. Thank you family and friends for all of your support through this all!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2 Weeks and counting...

This is the little guys back we have literally never seen his face on ultrasound. Shy I guess?

 Today I am officially 37 weeks Pregnant. I can't decide if it came fast or slow. Sometimes it was a little of both. I am "pretty" ready to hold this little man in my arms. I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to be a mom to a second child and having no complications along the way. Jade and I were worried we would and I think we will always be with every child we have, but so far the only hard part was how sick I got at the beginning. I am so glad it didn't last the whole pregnancy!
    This little guy is scheduled to come February 25th at 7:00 am C-Section. I have to have all my babies C-Section because I had Hallie that way (little stinker sat breach the whole time). Mixed feelings on how I feel that I will never experience having a natural birth but overall I am ok with it. I watched Hallie's birth video the other night and one part that I really like about having a C-Section is how much time Jade gets to spend with the Newborn before me. He video the whole thing and was able to see her get weighed, measured, and cleaned off. While that is happening he is telling me all about her. What her hair, nose, eyes, and toes look like; as I am getting stitched back up. For some reason I just love that he gets that bonding time with the baby because I know I will get mine. He also helps give the baby their first bath which is so precious to watch. I just love it!
    Thinking back on that day just makes me want to cry, the look on Jade's face when he first saw her, the joy of finally holding that little girl for the first time. Becoming a mom; it truly is one of the greatest days of my life. I hope that when this little guy comes I can just relive all the wonderful feelings of love, hope, and excitement I did before with no complications. Now the key is to keep him from coming sooner then the scheduled date. I had Hallie what would be this coming Thursday so we will see. The anticipation is killing me!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Baby Boy Sprinkle!

   My awesome Mom, Sisters, and Sister-n-law threw me a wonderful "sprinkle" as we called it. I already had a baby shower with Hallie and thought it was only fitting because this time around I am having a boy!!! Jade and I are so excited. Hallie on the other hand is yet to be determined. I have decided to theme his nursery Fox and wildlife critters. I LOVE nature as well as my husband and found it only fitting. (Except for the fact that Jade thinks that his room needs a Fox skin ;) which he hunted for for months and finally got one. Which is being tanned as we speak. Not exactly what I had in mind but more on that later.) I made the blocks above with scrap paper and got the idea off of Pinterest. 

      Cute decorations huh they did an awesome job and I really appreciate all who came and supported us. I feel so blessed to have such awesome family and friends!

These lovely ladies are due within two weeks of my due date. I am excited to have little ones so close in age! Left to Right: Brynn- Boy Chalee- Girl and Me- Boy!